Tree Seed Grow Kit - Pinon Pine (TSGK - 0008)

These self-contained kits allow you to grow one of your very own trees starting out only as small seeds. The kit contains the following parts necessary to successfully grow the tree. Makes a great gift, perfect for young and old alike. 100% guaranteed to grow, or we'll send you replacement seeds!

Each Kit Contains everything you need to grow a tree from seed!
• MiniGreenhouse (made from clear polycarbonate tubing)
• High Germination Rate Seeds (enough to get at least one tree started)
• Growing Medium (pure peat, does not contain soil)
• Perlite (inert volcanic rock used to cover the seeds)
• Step-by-step instructions on using the Grow Kit to germinate tree seed
• Tree Help Line! Just call if you have any questions or need tree growing tips!